Park Drobiarski
Park Drobiarski

Broiler chicks

Park Drobiarski company is a top producer of broiler chicks on the Polish market. Over a dozen years of expansion and development of our company brought to existence an enterprise that produces over 90 million of chicks every year.

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Modern technological process


Reproductive Chicks Rearing

The period of rearing is crucial in the process of hatching eggs production. We give great importance to monitoring chicks’ health, which is the foundation for preserving the principles of biosafety. The period of rearing begins on the first day of the chick’s life and lasts for about 20 weeks, when the flock reaches its puberty.



Hatching eggs production

Using properly selected light programme, the poultry is being prepared to begin production of the eggs in the optimum period of its development.




After arrival from the reproductive farm, eggs are automatically unloaded on breeding carts and are disinfected again in the disinfection chamber. In the warehouse area they undergo another inspection – assessment for quality, conformable to the company’s internal procedures.



Veterinary practise and laboratory

In Park Drobiarski operates a professional and specialised veterinary practise, with fully-equipped serological laboratory by Biocheck company. Personnel of the practise consists of ambitious, constantly broadening their knowledge and qualifications veterinary doctors and technicians.