Park Drobiarski company is a top producer of broiler chicks on the Polish market. We date back to 2003, when we began construction of the hatchery in Kaczory as Koziegłowy Poultrymeat Establishments.


About us

In 2013, as a result of the owners’ decision, we emerged as a separate company, and in the recent years we have established our position on the chick market. Over a dozen years of expansion and development of our company brought to existence an enterprise that produces over 90 million of chicks every year, and a reproduction facility one hundred percent of its own.

The main asset of our company is special care for the quality of hatched chicks. Thanks to constant investments in the resource base we achieve the highest standards in delivering chicks of top quality. Qualified personnel ensure good production and biosafety practise on our farms. Being fully aware of how difficult it is to meet the expectations of the market, state of the art solutions in the field of hatching process automation have been implemented, and our company is among the most modern not only in Poland, but in the whole Europe.

We are a family company with full domestic capital. Our engagement and passion have been appreciated by clients from all over Poland.