Ready-to-lay poultry is transported to the reproductive farm, prepared with greatest care. The location itself is not random. We carefully select the site and situation of the farm, so that it wasn’t located near any other livestock buildings that could be a potential source of infection.


Hatching eggs production

Selected flock that gets to the factory farm is provided with the best start from the very first days of placing. Using properly selected light programme, the poultry is being prepared to begin production of the eggs in the optimum period of its development. Roosters, which are reared separately, are blended into the flock of hens in proper proportion that ensure maximum fertilisation of hatching eggs. Specialised employees with years of experience evaluate the quality of roosters to guarantee high fertility rates and stable laying performance of the flocks during the whole process of egg production.

Regular tests and constant monitoring corresponding with the highest European Union standards ensure, that the flock is provided with the best and the safest development conditions. In order to secure proper behaviour of the birds, we selected the housing equipment in a way that minimises the amount of floor eggs. Reproductive buildings are equipped with fully automated Big Dutchman nests, ensuring minimum contact time of the hen with the egg. Thereby, hatched egg’s exposure to potentially contaminated environment is limited, and the process itself becomes even more hygienic.

Egg collection is performed with the use of modern technology provided by a Dutch company Prinzen. In the shed, hatching eggs are disinfected with UV and then segregation for weight and quality is performed. Exclusively best quality eggs are placed on clean, disinfected transport trays – air chamber up, which significantly affects hatching parameters.

The eggs are carried to the hatchery on a daily basis, and their transport takes place in optimum conditions. We constantly control the temperature and air humidity. Maintaining full hygiene of the production process, we use only our own specialistic transport fleet. After each transit the vehicles are prepared to the next one by cleaning and disinfection.