The period of rearing is crucial in the process of hatching eggs production. We give great importance to monitoring chicks’ health, which is the foundation for preserving the principles of biosafety. The period of rearing begins on the first day of the chick’s life and lasts for about 20 weeks, when the flock reaches its puberty.


Reproductive Chicks Rearing

Chicks require constant, professional care. During this time we concentrate on vaccinations and proper development of parent flock, that will ensure controlled, healthy and high volume production of hatching eggs throughout the whole period of the flock’s life. The first 5 weeks is the key period, because during this time, development of skeleton, basic internal organs, as well as the immune system of a bird occurs.

To the good quality of our breeding flocks contribute a number of zootechnical and veterinary treatments, performed by specialised personnel with the use of top quality technologies. A modern veterinary practise operates in Park Drobiarski. The practise is led by a team of experienced doctors and veterinary technicians in constant consultation with renowned vaccination producers and the department of process control.

Vaccinations of birds in the rearing period is essential not only for healthcare of the flock itself, but also for providing the offspring with immunological protection in the form of proper level of maternal antibodies. The company’s laboratory systematically performs immunological tests that prove the effectiveness of breeding flocks’ vaccination level.

Proper selection of the flock, so called equalisation, becomes an important element. It consists of weekly body weight control, and the appropriately chosen light stimulation programme is perfectly correlated with the bird reaching its puberty. Owing to such treatments the flock intended for transferring to the production farm is fully prepared to the next stage – hatching eggs production.

Regardless the intensity and efficiency of the selection we are aware, that the genetic potential can not be realised without experience and know-how. We take care that our personnel took part in all the novelties, trainings and conferences.